Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Früher war's der Blitzkrieg, heute die EU: Peter Hitchens' Theorie zur deutsch-französischen Beziehung

Peter Hitchens' Sicht auf die Geschichte der deutsch-französischen Beziehungen von 1914 bis heute:

"Germany, even more than France, and comparably to pre-1918 Austria-Hungary, and to Russia then and now,  is a European continental power, not an Atlantic or maritime let alone a global power. Its interests, economic, territorial, diplomatic and military,  lie in the Balkans and in central and eastern Europe.  You can see this from the Brest-Litovsk Treaty of 1917, a clear statement of its territorial desires, neatly replicated in 1941-2, and now interestingly echoed in EU-expansion ( an NATO explansion) diplomacy towards the Balkans, Turkey,  the Caucasus and Ukraine.
It is interested in France only as a threat in its flank, a threat which it has more than once felt it desirable to eliminate with swift strokes, and has now permanently eliminated through the means of the EU, under which France is a German vassal, but is not publicly humiliated and is allowed to maintain the outward trappings of an independent country."

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